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Why Acne Breakouts appear in summer?

Acne Breakouts in summer

The warmer summer months are great for spending time outdoors, but can wreak havoc on your skin, one of the havoc are the acne breakouts that may get worse in the summer when the temperatures get warmer and wetter.

Several studies have shown that during summer months the acne develops due to oil production, sweating and more clogging of the pores that occur for high sun exposure and UV rays. The thing is that during hot temperatures you can’t forget about sunscreen, lotion and moisturizer layers, but when it is mixed in sweat, grime and other factors, that combination can lead to more breakouts.

Therefore, you should know that there are certain thick sunscreen and moisturizers that are not ideal for summer months because they can obstruct pores and develop breakouts. On the other hand, certain hormonal factors and androgens that are present within the body can increase oil production and this can cause more inflammatory forms of acne. However, whatever the cause is, it all starts with obstructions in the pores and the formation of microcomedones, which are very tiny acne blemishes that can cause larger acne blemishes.

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Treating acne breakouts

Based on this information, you can relate why acne breakouts appear during the summer season, but not everything is lost, there are some protocols that you can follow in order to enjoy summertime with healthy skin.

First of all, if you’re dealing with milder forms of comedonal acne like blackheads and whiteheads, you can get products such as salicylic acid- or benzoyl peroxide-based. But there are some options that you can do at home:

Acne Breakouts in summer

1. Foaming Cleanser:

This is the ideal type of cleanser during summer, specially for oily skin, acne-prone or teenage skin, because this cleanser is capable of penetrating pores. If you want to get rid of acne or excess oil/sebum, foam cleansers can go deep in your pores without too much effort. But it can vary based on the patient’s skin types, a Skin Professional can help you to figure it out.

2. Avoid heavy lotions or creams:

As explained before, there are some products that are not ideal for summer because they are thicker and oilier which are better for cold months. However, in summer you need to switch to lighter moisturizers or a more water-based sunscreen that does the same job and helps prevent clogged pores.

3. Remove dirt and sweat:

It’s fine to wash off the sweat, dirt and grime but don’t overdo it, you should wash your face after workout or being outdoors, but using cleansers twice a day is enough. Plus, exfoliating products should be used once or twice a week in order to avoid skin irritation. If you overdo It doesn’t necessarily cause acne to develop, but at the same time, washing and scrubbing tend to irritate the skin and that can make it harder to treat acne.

4. Avoid popping those pimples:

This is essential, pimple extraction can cause more damage than good to the skin. When you try to pop pimples, you generally end up pushing some of the contents inside the pimple deeper into the skin, which increases inflammation leading to more-noticeable pimples, pain and even acne scars. Also, you can run the risk of getting an infection from the bacteria on your hands.

At home, you might not think about the effects of picking at your pimple.However, with acne, there’s the potential for scarring and pigmentation when you manipulate the skin.

5. Apply anti-acne Products

Acne products should be used according to your Skin Care Professional’s instructions. However, it’s important to mention that when trying to get rid of acne breakouts and blemishes, patience is a vital part of the equation. Give about 3 months and review it with your Professional after that time if you’re not getting desired results.

Hydration is vital

  • During summer, the body tends to get dehydrated due to excess water loss, the loss of fluids is greater during this period and that is why it is important to stay hydrated.
  • Normally, consuming about 8 glasses of water daily is enough, however, to meet the body’s water requirement  and keep the system flushed of toxins and wastes during hot temperatures, you should increase the intake of water. 
  • Drinking enough water is very important for the health of your skin, because it helps stimulate the circulation of blood. This not only supplies oxygen to the skin, but also keeps the skin hydrated and regulates its natural balance, so it helps to improve skin problems such as clogged pores, congested skin, puffy eyes, acne and spots.

Professional Acne Treatments:

Medical Facials

Treat a variety of skin conditions such as sun damage, wrinkles, acne and general aging. Increased cell turnover and collagen stimulation can be seen resulting in a smoother, brighter and more youthful and healthy appearance.

Chemical peel

Uses FDA approved products including salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or trichloroacetic acid, to peel layers of skin, revealing healthy, new skin below to reduce wrinkles, age signs, acne, blemishes, among others to improve the skin texture of adults and young people.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Is a skin procedure that uses a laser to improve the appearance of the skin, sun-damaged skin, scars caused by acne, chickenpox or injuries or treat minor facial flaws.

Acne treatments in Astoria NY

At Renew Esthetics Medical SPA, we offer a variety of medical aesthetic treatments that can reduce acne breakouts, scars and improve skin appearance all year round. In order to provide a personalized package, we invite you to an initial consultation so our skincare experts can evaluate and determine the best course of the treatment that suits your needs.


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