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MediFacials Treatments in Astoria NY

Why settle for regular salon facials when you can get more long-lasting results and improvement in skin texture, tone and elasticity with medical grade facials??

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Medical Facials Treatments in Astoria NY
Restore your skin

A medical-grade facial is designed to repair and restore your skin. It uses medical-grade skincare products and equipment to achieve a healthy look and feel. This includes fine lines and wrinkles, sunspots or pigmentation concerns, difficulties with texture and tone, rosacea and acne. Medical-grade facials may use enzymes, LED blue light or brightening to greatly enhance and repair your skin.

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FAQ about Medical-Grade Facials

A medical-grade facial is designed to repair and restore your skin through the use of medical-grade skincare products and equipment to achieve a healthy look and feel.

The difference between a regular facial and a medical one is: a regular facial is all about pampering and our medical-grade facials are result-driven so they target specifically what you need at the moment with the use of advanced technology to penetrate the skin at a depth-level provide long-lasting results.

No downtime is associated with Medical Facials, and treatments can be repeated as often as necessary to keep skin looking fresh. Although rare, there is a possibility that skin will be red, itchy and/or irritated.

A medical-grade facial can be performed all year round, as it is adapted to address the needs of the moment.

This type of medical facials can be performed in any skin type, from teenagers to adults, as they adjust to the needs of the patient.

Before providing the price, it is necessary to perform an analysis on the skin in order to evaluate important factors that help us determine what type of medical facial you need. This is why we offer a free initial appointment where we do the evaluation and explain everything about the treatment, including pricing information.

Medical-grade facials last approximately one hour, and include deep cleansing and hydration through specialized products, plus advanced equipment such as red light, laser, diamond peel, among others, to treat skin conditions such as acne, aging, pigmentation or more, according to the needs of the patient.

Medical Facials treat a variety of skin conditions such as sun damage, wrinkles, acne and general aging. Increased cell turnover and collagen stimulation can be seen resulting in a smoother, brighter and more youthful and healthy appearance.

The number of sessions needed varies according to the patient’s needs

Since medical-grade facials treat the skin at a depth-level, they are recommended every three months approximately.