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Nowadays, there are so many ways to look better and more beautiful than you already are. One way to improve yourself is by using a technique called “Dermaplaning”, it makes your face looks like a baby texture, some people says that it is like shaving your face; however it is more than that.

Dermaplaning is a skincare treatment; it is a superficial procedure

that involves a physical exfoliation using a surgical blade that removes the top layer of dead skin, it is able to remove the fine and vellus hair of your face. It makes the surface of your skin looking smoother and shiner.

So, what do you think about it? Well, let me give you more reasons about why it is a great option for you:

1) This procedure will remove the unwanted hair from your face without using a razor that can cause wounds on your face. It is safe and removes the dead cells of your skin making it look soft.

2) Dermaplaning is fast and quick. And it doesn’t need recovery time, you can come back to your routine immediately, just need to follow your doctor instructions such as hydration, applying cream…

3) The texture of your skin will be smooth, soft, clean and fresh just after the procedure is done. It also improves the tone of your face by reducing dark spots, blotches and acne.

4) It is long lasting. One week after you shave your face, you will have to re-do it again, however, dermaplaning effects last up to 4 weeks which is longer than other procedures.

5) By exfoliating your skin, another benefit of this treatment is that the surface of your skin gets glow, radiant and brilliant.

6) This procedure is safe for every skin type and patient, including pregnant or nursing moms. There are no exceptions.

To sum up, Dermaplaning is an easy procedure that removes fine and vellus hair of your face; it is another hair removal solution and a new service that Renew Esthetics will offer you, it is coming soon.

Just book a free consultation appointment

at our medical spa, so you can get to know more of the benefits that this treatment offers you.



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Excellent service, Idalis is a amazing esthetician who really cares about delivering th best results. Truly recommend this place!!!

Limary Valle · Google Review

Excellent service. Idalis is amazing and she makes you feel relaxed all time. She is really good at explaining the treatment and what to do after. I’m glad I found this place and I truly recommend it

Cinthia Gallegos · Google Review

I loved this place, excellent personalized service, super recommended to relax completely.

Nataly Fuentes Rios · Designer

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