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Chemical Peel Before & After: What to expect?

Chemical Peel Before and After

You  may think that this is a harsh treatment for your skin, however, chemical peels offer a wide variety of skin health benefits.

To peel means to pull or strip off the natural external covering or protection of something; when it comes to skincare treatment, the process is similar. The chemical peel uses a FDA approved chemical solution that is applied on the skin to remove the top layer on the skin in order to reduce wrinkles, age signs, acne, blemishes, among others to improve the skin texture of adults and young people. 

The best thing about chemical peels is how versatile they are, from improving skin tone and texture, managing chronic skin conditions to providing some anti-aging benefits. 

The facial chemical peel treatments use chemicals,most common ingredients include salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or trichloroacetic acid, to peel layers of skin, revealing healthy, new skin below. There are different levels of chemical peels, depending on your specific needs and the recommendation of your Skincare Professional.

Who can benefit from chemical peels?

Chemical peels is a non invasive treatment that can help lot of people from chronic skin conditions to someone that just want to have a better facial skin appearance, so for the most part, healthy people can safely receive chemical peels, but there are some health conditions and skin characteristics that you must know before getting one to avoid any type of risks in the skin, including:

  • People who are receiving medical treatments for acne
  • Keloid scars conditions
  • Women who are nursing, breastfeeding, or actively trying to get pregnant
  • People who are constantly exposed to direct sun, spending a lot of time in exposure.

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What to do before getting a chemical peel?

Before committing to a procedure, we always recommend to get an initial consultation with your skincare professional, that way you can receive a personalized treatment that suits your needs and you can receive all necessary information to make an informed decision about which chemical peel procedure is right for your skin. 

Once you’ve decided that a chemical peel is the right option, your skincare professional will give you the instructions to have the best experience, which may include:

  • To use a topical retinoid cream for a few days before your session to promote cell turnover and reduce healing time after your visit.
  • To use sunscreen daily and avoid direct sun exposure as much as possible.
  • To apply a moisturizer daily twice a day to keep skin hydrated.
  • To review your medications so the professional can determine if you need to avoid one. 
  • To avoid shaving, plucking, or waxing in the area for at least 24 hours before your chemical peel.
chemical peel before and after

Real expectations after chemical Peel

This is very important to know, some patients can get anxious after a chemical peel session because they expect the skin to react in a certain way, and when it doesn’t happen, they get frustrated. However, you should know that according to the peeling type or level chosen, your skin will react differently, that’s why it’s important to discuss real expectations with your skincare professional before your session.

When done correctly by a professional and the right chemical peel solution is used for your skin type, you should see really good results with minimal discomfort and downtime. Checkout what to expect after a chemical peel.

1. Mild Side Effects are Common, they should not last longer

Each person will react differently to skin treatments, but the side effects following chemical peels are  mild and the healing process takes approximately two weeks:

    • You’ll notice some redness, tingling, or burning  for the first few hours
    • You may notice some dryness, irritation, and mild swelling for a couple days 
    • Your skin may look flaky or peel after 2 or 3 days 
    • You may break out or notice skin looks darker than usual after 4 or 5 days.
    • All side effects should diminish and your skin should begin to look and feel “normal” after a week.
    • After 2 weeks you will see the growing of new healthy skin.

2. Your skin will peel

As mentioned before, your skin will peel the top layer of the skin after three to five days. You should gently remove the layers when cleaning your face, but avoid pulling or picking the skin as this can cause pigmentation and irritation.

3. Multiple treatments are needed to deliver best results

Many people think one chemical peel session is enough to have desired results, but it usually takes several treatment sessions, from 3 to 5 sessions, according to your needs. You may notice some improvement after 1 session, but there are multiple treatments needed to have long lasting results.

4. Adjust your skincare routine and follow your Skincare Professional’s instructions.

There are some skincare products that you need to use after a chemical peel, so your skin heals properly and quickly. Therefore it is very important to follow the post care instructions given by your Skincare Professional. At Renew Esthetics, we take care of our patients until the end, they receive a post care kit with specific instructions so the healing process finishes correctly at home.

5. Don’t forget the sunscreen

As in every skincare procedure, Sunscreen is a must following a chemical peel, because the skin is more sensitive to damage from the sun’s UVA/B rays. So, you should avoid exposure to the sun immediately after your treatment, and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF.

6. Breakouts may appear

This may be frustrating for the patient that is looking for an improvement in the skin, but  the combination of larger amounts of dead skin and inflammation from the procedure can lead to pimples. The good news is that this breakout is only temporary so after this initial reaction, the skin should clear up within just a few days and look healthier.

7. Results take time

Be patient, the results of your chemical peel treatment plan will depend on the time you invest and your commitment to consistent treatment and at-home care.

Here you can see real Before & After photos from Renew Esthetics Medical SPA

Chemical peels near me

Chemical peel specialist

When you’re ready to learn more about your chemical peel options, Renew Esthetics Medical SPA is ready to hear from you and guide you to the whole process. We offer an initial consultation to evaluate your needs and plan your personalized treatment, so that you can make an informed decision.


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