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Combating Eczema flare up in Summer

Eczema, a skin condition that causes patches of cracked, scaly skin, tends to flare in the winter but it can also flare in the summertime because of the sweat, splashing around in salt water and chlorine, and the frequent use of sunscreen.

So, if you suffer from this skin condition we want to help you prevent flare-ups:

Stay cool and dry

If you work out, rinse off with fresh water and change clothes after so the skin stays clean, cool, and dry. Avoid being outdoors when the sun is most steamy, but if you have to go outdoors, wipe away sweat as it accumulates and wash thoroughly. Another good trick is to put cornstarch or talc-free baby powder on areas where you tend to accumulate sweat to keep your skin drier

Avoid seasonal allergies

Use antihistamines to combat seasonal and environmental allergies. Keep an air purifier in your home to stave off dust, dander, and other allergens, but consider using a humidifier if the air-conditioner dries out the air too much.


You should switch up your sunscreen routine when your skin is ultra sensitive. We recommend you fragrance-free sunscreens for eczema prone patients because they tend to be better tolerated. Also, invest in hypoallergenic sunblock. When you’re sunburned and the skin barrier is damaged and starts peeling, it could make your eczema worse.

Rinse right away

Rinse off salt water and chlorinated water if your skin is eczema-prone because it can irritate and dry out your skin, making a flare more likely, and then reapply moisturizer and sunblock.

Moisturize and Hydrate!

The secret to good health is staying hydrated from within, you should drink sufficient the necessary amounts of water every day. Also look for moisturizers that contain skin-protecting and hydrating ingredients such as purified petroleum, these formulations will form a protective barrier between your skin and the harsh summer elements.

Be picky about the ingredients found in your moisturizer, sunblock, and insect repellent to avoid ingredients that could aggravate your skin condition. However, even if you’re following these instructions to treat your eczema-prone skin this summer, you might still experience frustrating patches that must be seen by a skin specialist, socontact us! We have the most professional staff that is willing to help you out!

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