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Laser Skin Tightening vs. Microneedling

Laser Facial or Microoneedling? I´m pretty sure you´ve heard about laser skin tightening treatment, it is amazing to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars and …

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Best Facial Treatments for Fall

As professionals in skincare treatments, we always advise our patients to get professional advice this time of year to help their skin recover from the …

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What Facial Type is Better for Me

What facial type is Better for me :  If your skin needs a rewind due to acne scars, superficial lines, blotches, deep pores, liver spots …

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Peeling Myths & Truths

Cold months are ideal to recover our skin from the damage of summer sun exposure, it is also a great time for cell renewal and …

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Importance of getting professional Treatments

MediSpa professional Treatments provide with the deeper care that home skincare routines don´t offer. For instance, professional treatments offer controlled exfoliation that allows the esthetician …

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Magical Peeling

Chemical Peel is a magical option to get rid of sunburns, scars and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or age signs on the face, …

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