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Creditcare: Flexible Financing options for treatments

We are aware that some people don’t have access to desired skincare treatments because most of insurances don’t provide with wellness or beauty care credit coverage. Therefore, we decided to get partner with CareCredit that helps families to get the care they want. CareCredit provides flexible financing options for treatments and procedures that typically are …

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PhytoMulti Activate Your Health Potential

PhytoMulti takes you beyond basic wellness support. It has a proprietary blend of concentrated extracts and phytonutrients with scientifically tested biological activity to protect your cells and maintain DNA stability–activating your health potential like no other supplement.* Benefits: Intelligent blend of highly-concentrated, full-spectrum phytonutrients to help you achieve your maximum health potential Phytonutrient potential for …

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Cal Apatite Bone Builder Active

Premium Quality MCHC with Joint Health Support Cal Apatite Bone Builder Active provides a unique blend of MCHC, vitamin D, glucosamine sulfate , targeted minerals, horsetail, and vitamin C for collagen, bone matrix, and joint health support.* Benefits: Helps maintain healthy joint strength and function by supporting bone density and cartilage matrix integrity* Delivers nutrients …

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The power of Alkaline Water

[embedyt][/embedyt] The Best alkaline water filter Real alkaline water benefits • Cleaner water, better taste • Natural filtration, no added chemicals • Optimal results for skin care • More practical than expensive bottled water • Unique PiMag discovery, only from NikkenWe take water for granted. It’s a basic commodity, supplied toevery home. But many …

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D3 5000 High Potency, Bioavailable Vitamin D

D3 5000 features 5000 IU of vitamin D3—the most bioactive form of supplemental vitamin D. Benefits: 120 Softgels • Supports bone, cardiovascular, and immune health * • Provides high dose vitamin D3 (5000 IU) to quickly replenish vitamin D status* • Solubilized in oil for better absorption in the digestive tract* Available in easy-to-swallow softgels …

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Support for Connective Tissue and Collagen Collagenics is a comprehensive, proprietary blend of important vitamins , minerals, free form amino acids, and other important nutrients that support connective tissue health.* BENEFITS: Provides targeted nutritional components known to be involved in the biochemical processes that support healthy connective tissue present in the skin, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, …

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