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Laser Skin Tightening Astoria NY

Our skin often shows the first signs of aging. With Gentle Max Pro Lasaer Candela.

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Miss Universe Visits Renew Esthetics Medical Spa

At Renew Esthetics, we had the pleasant VIP visit of the integral beauty over the years, and in this first chapter she explains the importance of personal care.

Enjoy this “Integral Beauty” series with our CEO and skincare Expert Idalis Bailey as host, only here at Renew Esthetics Medical SPA 💚


laser skin tightening astoria ny

This highly sought after non-ablative skin tightening treatment is achieved by using a laser beam of high-intensity light to deeply penetrate skin tissue. The laser energy heats the collagen proteins to specific temperatures, creating a natural biological reaction which causes collagen to contract and thicken.

The result of tighter, smoother skin is immediate. In addition to the initial thickening of collagen, heating collagen fibers in this way triggers the body’s natural wound response. When skin is wounded, our body instantly works to heal the wound by creating new collagen – delivering immediate results to tighten skin and provide long-term tightening.

The laser and wavelength used is suitable for all skin types, from fair to very dark skin. The treatment is non-ablative; therefore no recovery time is required. You will be able to return to normal daily activities immediately following treatment.

This procedure can also be performed on any other part of the body such as the décolleté, hands, arms, abdomen, and legs.

Laser Skin Tightening Before and After

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FAQ about Laser Skin Tightening Treatment

This treatment does not require anesthesia.

After the treatment it is extremely important to protect your skin with a high SPF.

It is recommended not to perform aggressive treatments within 15 days because the skin may be sensitive.

This treatment can be done all year round.

There is no minimum age.

This treatment is suitable for men and women.

Collagen is a water laden protein fiber. The Candela YAG Laser works through a process known as ‘selective photothermolysis’ that heats up the water in the collagen fiber at specific temperatures and utilizes focused wavelengths to naturally induce new collagen formation (also known as collangenosis). This gentle yet focused heating will slowly rearrange, redistribute and realign new collagen fibers within the dermis of the skin, resulting in facial contouring and rejuvenation.

Prices vary based on clients needs.

This treatment provides multiple benefits such as tightening skin, minimizing fine lines, smoother texture, decreasing pore size with an overall refreshed and revitalized appearance.

A series of 3-6 treatments are recommended for optimal results.

The session lasts approximately 45 minutes and is held every two weeks.


Carito Silva
Carito Silva
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I finally found a place that feels like home, Idalis is not only a great person but also very honest and professional. She was very clear about what was good for me and what wasn't good for me, quite sincere. That is very important to me as I am very careful when it comes to my body. I love it, very satisfied.
Monica Serje
Monica Serje
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I had a great experience at Renew Esthetics with my laser skin rejuvenation treatment, my skin now looks much smoother and younger. I highly recommend this place with purely professional attention. Thank you Idalis.
Karen E. de Parrilla
Karen E. de Parrilla
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I came from Albany to New York to renew esthetic to get the skin rejuvenation laser treatment in the hands of the professional Idalis Bailey, this is my 3rd section and the results are very good, I recommend it to everyone!
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