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Best Acne scar removal treatments recommended by Skincare Professionals

Acne Treatments in Astoria NY

Suffering from acne is already frustrating, but the scars that the acne can leave in the skin is worse. However, you don’t have to suffer from acne consequences all your life, our Skincare Experts want to offer all necessary information so you can make an informed decision about how to treat acne in the first place and also how to remove the scars that acne can leave behind. 

It’s also important to mention that some of the scar treatments below can’t be done if acne medications are being taken, and the inflammation that’s caused by breakouts can also reduce treatment effectiveness.

There are 3 main types of acne scar: Ice pick scars that look like small, deep holes in the skin. Rolling scars are where the skin looks bumpy and uneven. Boxcar scars are individual depressions, or craters, in the skin.

Scars form when an outbreak penetrates deep into the skin and damages the tissues below it. Before trying to treat your scars, you need to learn how to prevent them:

  • Never squeeze or pick at spots.
  • Make sure you’re using the correct treatments for your acne. 
  • Establish a daily skincare routine to reduce the blockages in the skin that cause acne spots.
  • Avoid scrubbing your face or using harsh skincare products.
  • Wear sun lotion to protect scars as they are healing.

Now, let’s see how to take care of the acne scar at-home:

Alpha Hydroxy Acids:

AHAs are usually found in skin care products because they specialize in treating acne since they help to remove dead skin and prevent clogged pores. Plus, they help to reduce the acne scars by exfoliating the top layers of the skin to remove discoloration and rough texture.

Acne Treatments in Astoria NY

Best Acne Treatments in Astoria NY

Lactic Acid

Lactic acid peels done once every two weeks for three months improve the texture, appearance, and pigmentation of the skin and lighten acne scars.


Topical retinoids are another acne treatment that have scar reduction benefits. In addition to speeding up the cell regeneration and improving the skin’s texture, retinoids can also help reduce discoloration and make scars less noticeable.

Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid clears pores, reduces swelling and redness, and exfoliates the skin when applied topically. It’s considered to be one of the best treatments for acne scars.


Sun exposure can darken scars or make them more noticeable. So, It’s vital to wear sunscreen every day over scars.

Now, let’s see the acne scar professional treatments recommended by Skincare Experts:

Resurfacing procedures

Resurfacing procedures remove layer by layer which allows the body to produce new skin cells in order to improve its appearance.

The skincare experts recommend the following resurfacing treatments: 

  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Chemical peeling
  • Dermabrasion 
  • Microdermabrasion

Resurfacing treatments work effectively in treating acne scars which are not too deep.


Dermatologists use fillers to safely and effectively plump depressed acne scars. A dermatologist may fill acne scars with collagen, the patient’s own fat, or another substance. Many fillers give us temporary results, which last between 6 and 18 months. Some fillers are permanent.

Skin tightening

This treatment is safe for all skin colors, it uses a technology called radiofrequency to tighten the skin. As the skin tightens, depressed acne scars become less noticeable. 

Radiofrequency is a treatment in series that requires repeat sessions and follow-up appointments every 6 months approximately. 

Like every treatment, radiofrequency requires some at-home care: sunscreen is necessary every morning and a moisturizing cream at night.

acne treatmen in astoria

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  1. Thank you for mentioning how important it is to wear sunscreen every day regardless of the season and weather. In addition to the fact that UV rays make scars darker, they also cause premature wrinkles and age spots and can even cause skin cancer.
    By the way, what SPF level should be in order to give sufficient skin protection? 15, 30, or 50?


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