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How hormonal acne affects women?

Hormonal Acne

You probably thought that after your teenage years you wouldn’t have any pimples in your face right? Well, for some people, it is probably true, but that kind of people is minority. Actually, most of people suffer from acne even during adultness due to hormonal breakouts or some other skin conditions that might be checked by a dermatologist.

However, how you can tell it is hormonal acne? If you already passed teenage period, but you´re still suffering from acne, you probably have hormonal acne. Specialists have proven that this type of acne appears around 20s because those years are when women are more hormonally active and more prone to intense hormonal fluctuations. However, breakouts are not only determined by age it also affects other elements such as genetics and each person skin conditions.

Other sign of hormonal breakout is the location where it tends to appear. In case you notice pimples over the lower part of the face, especially in the chin or jawline it is probably about hormonal acne. Dermatologist explain that too much hormones fluctuation in the body stimulates oil glands to produce excess of oil which eventually clogs pores and that causes hormonal acne breakout specially in those areas.

On the other hand, an obvious cause of hormonal acne is menstruation. During menstrual cycle the levels of hormones that run women´s body produce pores to enlarge their regular size producing pimples to pop up even in the same place every cycle. But it actually depends on each woman´s skin. Besides, stress can add more intensity to breakout because the stress hormone highly affects to the other ones which contribute to hormonal acne to appear.

Hormonal acne is a natural and common condition in women, so there´s not much that you can do about this to avoid it. But, there are some recommendations that you can follow to balance it so it would not get any worse than it already is.

It may sound obvious, but for people that are prone to suffer from hormonal acne is very important to provide special care. Skin specialists recommend having a proper cleansing of the face every day:

a) Clean the skin in the morning and night with specialized cleanser products to make sure to remove oil and dirt from the face

b) Make sure to remove makeup properly with professional wash-away cleansers in order to eliminate any residual dirt

c) Is very important to always carry in pursefacial cleansing towelettes that help you to remove any dirt during the day

d) Set up a skincare routine that compound of: cleansing, moisturization, exfoliation and hydration.

e) Take into consideration to get a professional peeling session which improves the texture of the skin by reducing scars and acne breakouts. Or a professional acne treatment that will provide a deep cleansing of the skin and dirt extraction.

f) Keep the skin moisturized to avoid dryness, it makes acne even worse.

Whether you´re 15 or 30 years old or if pimples appear once a month or twice, hormonal acne can affect you, but it is up to you how much it will affect you. The result of the time invested in taking care of the skin every day will be reflected during those days when you are more vulnerable due to the level of hormone fluctuation, because your skin will be protected enough, so hormonal acne affects you as less as possible.

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