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Domestic Violence Free Program

Nowadays, domestic violence has become more frequent through years. Police officers respond hundreds of calls reporting this case, it can happen to men, but women´s reports are more common every day.

Domestic Violence program Purple Star

So, taking into consideration that 70% of population suffers of domestic violence, we decided to celebrate our MediSpa 15th anniversary giving some of the care and support back to the community, who has been with us through all the years, by covering their basic needs including skincare services to the victims.

As we are deeply grateful and committed with our community, we build up a Domestic Violence Free Program that provides 2 to 3 skincare treatments in a monthly basis to men or women that have suffered violence domestic abuse; it will help victims to get recovered from physical damages and emotional abuses.

This program has no cost, we just want to support them during hard times and provide them with the help they need.

Domestic Violence program Purple Star

Be aware that domestic violence includes power, sexual, emotional and physical abuse. In case you´ve suffered any of those abuses, just call or email us with your consultation request, we´ll be glad to assign you a free initial appointment to evaluate what your needs are and how we can help you. Once a first consultation is done, we will apply the skincare treatment that fits into your needs, with no cost, to help you not only by outside, but also by inside.

Renew Esthetics offers great benefits and opportunities to those looking to improve their appearance. Come to us and take advantage of our Domestic Violence Free Program.

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