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Special Purple Star Photo Shoot

Last Sunday, January 19th, 2020, women from the Purple Star program had a special photo shoot at Renew Esthetics MediSpa.

Every star of the program has a personal project that they want to develop. This year, the main objective of the Purple Star program is to help them to develop their personal brand. Since Idalis Bailey has the knowledge and experience, she is determined to provide them with necessary tools that allow them to carry out the growth of their business.

As a first step to fulfill this objective, Idalis set up a photo shoot to empower each woman’s personal brand and collect the necessary material to promote their businesses through social media which is very important during this digital marketing age, “Even if your business offers a great product, if you do not have a personal brand that you share through social media, you will just not get the results you are looking for” says Idalis Bailey, owner of Renew Esthetics MediSpa. .

Bailey directed the photo shoot with the collaboration of Nasthya Aranda who runs Nasthya Model Camp Company which specializes in professional modeling workshops, Nasthya showed the stars how to pose and other modeling techniques that were useful for all women to feel more comfortable; along with the photographer, they three worked to get the best out of the photos. Idalis Bailey also mentioned her appreciation for Nashtya and the photographer, who also made these women feel confident and beautiful, they both provided excellent services for low rates as a way to support the program and its members.

See more of Nasthya Aranda job through her instagram account @nasthyamodelcamp
Special thanks to @gmarvinmusic for the photography services
“We are working hard to help the stars of the program through different events that encourage them to improve their lifestyle and careers” said Idalis after inviting the community to attend the upcoming Beauty Runway event on March 29th in which donations will be raised to support the program and the stars will do a presentation of their personal brand.

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