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Most Common Skincare Mistakes

There are so many advices and recommendations in the market about how to take care of the skin “properly” that it can be overwhelming and confusing, leading you to make different skincare mistakes, they can be the thing that stops you from having your desired skin look.

That´s why in this beauty spot we want to point out some common mistakes that help clearing out your doubts about what the right and wrong steps are for your skincare routine:

1. The more the better!

Wrong! With so many miracle products around, it’s hard to know which ones to use and when to use them; so, we end up overusing products and overload our skin on active ingredients. For instance, if you’re using multiple products containing AHAs, you could be over-exfoliating your skin, disrupting the skin’s protective barrier, and triggering breakouts. It is important to ask a skin care professionalabout what products are the right ones for your skin needs, how and when to use them, that way you´ll avoid over products that may overwhelm your skin.

2. Working out with makeup on

You may think that this mistake is pretty obvious, but there are people that make it. When working out with makeup on all the grime, makeup and sweat gets trapped in the pores, which become the main cause for epic breakouts. Take a couple of minutes to wash your face and when you get home do a thorough cleanse, it is so worth it!

skincare mistakes3. Exfoliation everyday

It´s true that exfoliation is a very important part of the skincare routine and it brings lots of benefits for the skin, however, over exfoliating can lead to dryness, irritation, inflammation and even infection; Although one exfoliation daily is usually good for oily skin only in summer, specialists don´t recommend to exfoliate more than 1 or twice a week to remove all dead skin cells from your skin.

4. The application order doesn´t matter!

It is not math, the order does matter! Knowing how to apply the products is another essential skill to get the benefits of each one. If you apply them incorrectly, you could prevent the formula and the active ingredients from being absorbed properly into the skin. The general rule to follow is: apply the most lightweight formulas first so they’re not blocked by the heavier creams. You should also wait a couple of minutes between applying each product to let it set properly.

5. There´s not a right way to apply creams

One of the most common skin mistakes we can make is pulling at the skin while applying products. We need to be super gentle with our skin in order to absorb all the benefits that the cream is providing us. This is the best way to apply the product:

Glide your fingertips across your face using your fourth finger as this is the weakest finger: start at the bridge of your nose, trace your fingers up along your forehead, around the eyes and down to the cheeks. Use small gentle breaststroke glide the product along your chin. And, Finish with the eye area, using soft tapping.

This way you´ll increase circulation and boost lymphatic drainage, which will help remove toxins from your skin. It’s also important to warm facial oil in your hands before you apply it to your face, as this will help activate the ingredients.

6. No need sun protection

If you have the most expensive and new skincare products of the industry but you are missing the sunscreen, you´re making a huge mistake! 90% of how your skin gets old is directly related to sun exposure and it’s completely under your control, that´s why wearing sunscreen is a must within your skincare routine! Also, you need a sunscreen with a 4 or 5-star UVA rating, to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Having a great skin care routine isn’t complicated, you just need to make sure to follow expert´s recommendations, so you´ll create a right and solid skincare routine that suits your skin type needs in every season and avoid spending money and time in products that may not be working for you. Get a free initial consultation with our skincare expert to help you clearing out more doubts about it!

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