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Botox: Real Before and After Results

Botox Before and After

Botox is the first thing that comes to your mind when you are getting to your 40s, however, the Skin care Experts recommend applying botox when you’re getting to your 30s, you know why? The Specialists agree that preventative Botox treatments are better for those in their mid-late 20s and early 30s who are prone to wrinkle.

But there are some facts that you need to know before deciding if this is the right option for you, such as: what can you expect before and after a Botox procedure? so, we want to explain everything you need to learn about it and break some myths that may be keeping you away from getting some units.

Let’s answer some questions:

First of all, what is Botox?

This is an FDA-Approved drug prepared from the bacterial toxin botulin, used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing facial muscles.

How do you prepare for a botox application?

As with any medical procedure, there are some steps you have to take to avoid certain complications. Our Specialists recommend the following:

  • Smoking and drinking can delay skin healing, so it’s better to stop these habits a week before your appointment.
  • This is optional, but if you are bruise-prone, you can take bruise-prevention supplements like arnica 2-4 days before.
  • Let your Injectable Specialist know what drugs you’re taking so she/he can inform you if there are any precautions you need to  take.
  • Do not wear makeup to go to your appointment.

Do you need a botox treatmentin Astoria NY?

Cosmetic is a simple, nonsurgical treatment that takes only minutes and requires no recovery time.

botox before and after

Botox before and after photos

What can you expect to happen during your botox appointment?

The first thing your Botox specialist will do is to evaluate your skin needs, your expectations of the treatment and your medical history so the Specialist can determine the number of units to apply and  offer a personalized service.  The following steps are:

  • To clean up the treated areas. 
  • You will be asked to make facial expressions so the dynamic facial lines become visible and easier to map out. It will also help to determine the botox dose needed.
  • The Specialist will inject the drug at different points while applying light pressure on the skin. (In case you’re pain-sensitive, the doctor can apply an ice pack or a topical numbing cream minutes before injection). 
  • It’s important to mention that the entire procedure takes no more than 15 minutes.


What are the botox post care recommendations?

The Post Care after botox is actually easy, Let me point out some Dos and Don’ts after Botox Injections:

The  Don’ts

  1. Lying flat on your back
  2. Scratching or applying pressure or heat on the treated areas
  3. Activities that can cause flushing, such as suntanning, sauna-bathing and exercising

The Dos

  1. Icing the area repeatedly during the first 24 hours after injection
  2. Avoidance of vigorous activities for a few days
  3. Continuing arnica intake for a few more days
  4. Sleeping upright in the first few nights after your treatment

Some people recover quickly from a Botox procedure, while others bruise or feel sore for a few days. Boh cases are totally normal reactions, there’s nothing to worry about. Anyway, we recommend protecting the area from trauma or heavy pressure until the inflammatory symptoms are gone which are temporary reactions and can last up to 72 hours.

If you follow these recommendations you will minimize side effects risks such as spreading the drug to distant muscles. Your doctor will also offer prescribed post-treatment skin care regimen.

On the other hand, the results can last from three to four months. The wrinkles will return completely by the fifth month unless you repeat the Botox treatment. However, there are some recommendations to stay wrinkle-free for a long time: 

  • Keep your pre-treatment and aftercare regimens recommended by the Doctor
  • Do not over-exposed to UV rays as it damages the skin, destroys collagen, elastin and DNA. So, avoid excessive sun or UV exposure and use SPF every day.
  • Choose a healthy lifestyle: Stick to a healthy and balanced diet and keep hydrated, exercise regularly, avoid drinking and smoking, sleep enough, stay away from polluted areas.
  • Follow the anti-aging skin care regimen that your skincare Expert recommends. 
  • Ask your specialist for more non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments that stimulate collagen and elastin to keep your results.

We are a Certified Medical Spa

Most importantly, only a skin care expert can guarantee the effectiveness and safety of the treatment, so get a trusted board-certified doctor to perform your Botox procedure.

At Renew Esthetics Medical SPA, you can find board-certified Injectable Specialists with years of experience performing effective results and safe treatments for our patients.

Who is the best candidate for Botox?

Botox is safe for everybody but it is better for people with the following characteristics avoid to get it:

  • History of botulinum toxin allergy
  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Active infection or inflammation in the treatment area
  • Systemic infection
  • Paralyzing nerve or muscle diseases
  • Intake of medications that interfere with muscle contraction or acetylcholine action
  • Blood clotting disorders or the intake of blood thinners
  • Connective tissue disorders
  • History of keloid scarring

Please inform your doctor in case you have one of these medical conditions, this is one of the reasons why the initial consultation is important to assess that you’re right for botox.

For last, We want to clear all myths related to Botox:

  1. Botulinum Toxin Injection causes muscle damage: The drug does not work on the muscles directly.
  2. The effects of the drug are permanent: The duration of Botox’s cosmetic effects varies from patient to patient because everyone clears it at different rates, but its effects usually  last up to 5 months.  
  3. Only women can get Botox: Botox also helps men. 
  4. Botox is only for older patients: Botox is a good prevention treatment, Doctors will recommend it even if you’re still in your 20s.
  5. Botox is just like a Dermal filler: Dermal fillers and Botox work differently. Dermal fillers add volume to thinned-out areas and do nothing to facial muscles. 
  6. Botox treatment freezes your face: A frozen facial expression may result from over using botox, wrong dose or poor injection technique. But this can be prevented by receiving the right advice from the Injectable Specialist.

Botox cosmetic treatment is deadly: Any substance taken in excess is not good. So, in the case of botulinum toxin A, the safety margin is wide.

Botox Astoria NY

The success of your Botox treatment depends on the provider you choose, only board-certified Injectable Specialists can guarantee superior aesthetic results and avoid negative  side effects. Remember, nobody can stop facial aging, but you can certainly slow it down. Our Skin Care Experts can help you achieve the best natural results.


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