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Is it good to remove hair from acne areas?

Laser Hair removal for acne areas

Acne is the inflammation of glands by a constant appearance of pimples usually in the face and back. It normally happens during adolescence stage, but even some grown-ups suffer from this issue; it is very common. There are so many skincare treatments or natural tips that can help to treat acne and reduce it until getting an acne skin free.


Laser Hair removal for acne areas

It may not sound right, however removing unwanted hair from acne areas can be good for the skin because you won´t only remove hair, you will take fat, bacteria, dirt and dead cells off from it, just like a cleanser or an exfoliant. It´s clear that you cannot remove hair from those areas every day, it has to be every certain time and if it´s possible get professional help. At Renew Esthetics, we offer laser hair removal treatment which is a non-invasive procedure that eliminates hair from face, leg, arm, underarm, and other areas.

This medical procedure pulses a light that destroys the hair follicle, selects the dark and coarse hair only. It is fast and easy, each pulse of the laser can treat many hairs at the same time, this is the best option to remove hair from areas affected by acne because using other techniques like shaving, tweezing, or waxing can unintentionally hurt or harm yourself causing wounds, red or dark spots or even producing worst acne in the skin because of getting bacteria or becoming infected if proper care is not followed.

At Renew Esthetics, our professional team has treated lot of people that suffer acne and helped them to see changes and better results by applying an accurate treatment to their skin. Beside the help that provides laser hair reduction to your acne area, we offer complete treatments that include cleaning, hydration, exfoliation, extraction and correction for problematic skin which are suitable for all ages; you can enjoy of it and take care your skin properly.

It´s also very important to mention than after a laser hair reduction is applied, there are breakouts in the skin that you should care to prevent infections: Don´t touch the zone directly, Don´t go to the gym, sauna or other activities that cause you sweat excessively, apply Aloe Vera to the area, don´t apply makeup or shave the zone where the treatment was done, and follow the esthetician instructions.

Laser hair removal near me

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