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Myths and facts of Essential oils

In the extensive world of essential oils, there is a great amount of info about how it can help your mind, body, and environment. But as with any vast or popular movement, there’s bound to be misinformation spread out across the internet. Here are some myths and facts that we know for sure to set you straight:

Myth 1 – If an essential oil it causes a burn or rash, then it’s just your body’s way of detoxifying:

Just because something is natural, it doesn’t mean it’s always good for you. If your body is affected in such a way that it’s getting red rashes, you’ll definitely need to stop doing whatever it is you did. Detoxifying is taking bad things out of the body, so when a burn or rash appears, that’s the opposite of what you want.

Myth 2 – If you don’t like the smell of a certain essential oil, this means your body needs it:

If your body is rejecting something, it means that it’s warning us against the product.

Myth 3 – The order in which you mix essential oils for aromatherapy determines the way it smells and its therapeutic function

If the oils are blended in the same percentage every time, the mixing order of the essential oils would never result in a significant difference for the smells and therapeutic function. Some people claim that there is a difference, but it’s usually because they cannot add the accurate amount of oil to the blend.

Myth 4 – Essential oils can cure my cold:

There is no evidence to show that essential oils in general will cure your cold. Nevertheless, essential oils can certainly help by soothing a sore throat or clearing up that stuffy nose.

Myth 5 – Running the diffuser full time in the home is good for the air:

Running the machine continuously could have negative effects: Too much essential oil in the air may cause itchy throats or watery eyes or you could get used to the aroma and not be able to smell it anymore

A lot of diffusers nowadays come with an automatic shut-off timer or give you the option to choose how long to run the diffuser for.

Essentials oils

So, it means that essential oils are not just glorified air fresheners, they actually contain pharmacological with bioactive compounds, many of which could compete with prescription drugs. However, they’re not completely harmless either, the over usage may cause irritation, allergies, or unknown side effects to pop up.

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