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Importance of water


Water is one of the most important resources on earth, it is essential for people to live healthy and longer. Other liquids such as energetic drinks, tea, and coffee or juices don´t have the same hydration and cleansing effects than water; for example, do you wash your hands with coffee or juice? You clean it with water; the same happens when it comes to your organism. Water is vital for you to detoxify and hydrate your body in order to prevent different kind of diseases.

importance of waterThe skin is the largest organ of your body; as any other organ, it contains cells that are made up of water so if you don´t drink enough water your skin will get dried, tight and sensible to get virus or infections. On the other hand, water is really important while you’re trying to lose weight to detoxify your body, it helps you burn more calories, may even suppress your appetite if consumed before meals and keep yourself hydrated while doing exercise.

Water is an essential natural resource to care your skin appropriately. The lack of water can lead your skin to produce fatty skin, acne issues, lines or wrinkles; for that reason, according to what studies have shown, specialists recommend to drink at least 8 glasses of water per day to have the fluids it needs to be healthy.


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