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How To Treat Oily Skin

How to Treat Oily Skin the right way can be a hassle. So how do you deal with this? If you need to do touch up on your makeup every hour or your skin is always looking sweaty, you’re probably wondering what’s goin on with you or your skin care regimen. Your genetics play an important role, but other factors, such as daily activity, environment and hormones can exacerbate oily skin. So how do you deal with this? Here are 5 ways to bring your skin from oily to smooth and luminous:

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1. Find the right cleanser:

Having an Oily Skin Routine is key for improving your skin. Oil cleaners were made precisely for oily skin. The oil in the face wash attracts sebum from your skin, so you can take both away without stripping your face. Among other cleaners that you can use, we recommend those that contain salicylic acid because it not only exfoliates and eliminates the accumulation of pimples, but also the potent ingredient is lipophilic, which means that it goes directly to the source: oil in the pores. This is a simple yet not widely known fact that people don’t know.

2. Limit the use of the toner.

Instead of reaching for toner every day to control oil, use it once or twice a week at most. The less you use it the better. And if it’s an astringent, stop using it completely. Overusing toner can lead to sensitive skin, which might not be able to tolerate an acne regime.

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3. Hydrate enough.

One of the biggest mistakes that oily skin patients make is omitting the moisturizer since hydration is important to keep the skin barrier intact, this key outer layer of the skin is responsible for blocking external irritants (such as bacteria or UV rays) and keep important moisture inside. But you must be careful not to use creams with heavy ingredients. Look for light lotions or serums that contain hyaluronic acid or glycerin, both act as microsponges to attract moisture to the skin and keep it there.

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4. Alternate your products.

how to treat oily skinOverusing powerful ingredients on any skin type can lead to irritation. But on oily skin, that irritation manifests itself as more oily. If you use a chemical exfoliator with low concentration of acids or enzymes, use it only on the nights that you’re not using your retinoid product which you definitely should consider.

5. Choose your makeup wisely.

When it comes to your skin, avoid pore-clogging foundations that feel heavy. Look for lighter textures and keywords like oil-control or mattifying. And if there’s only a little you want to cover up, choose powder over foundation. Regardless of your product, remove makeup before you go to sleep, so your skin can breathe. This is super important to prevent acne and clogged pores.

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