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Best Sunscreen for every Skin Types

To keep your summer-beauty routine simple and prevent certain skin problems or insidious UV ray damage which may contribute to skin aging), here we have some recommendations about the best sunscreens according to every skin type.


For dry skin we recommend you to get a sunscreen that helps you moisturize your skin and protect it, so the creamier the formula the better it is. Buy a moisturizing sunscreen that has a creamy texture, rather than a gel-like or dry-touch texture, to keep your skin soft all summer long.


Having oily skin gets more complicated during the summer time because sweat gets involved and you tend to look shiny every time. To tone down shine, choose a light, oil-free sunscreen and look for a mattifying formula that will absorb oil excess throughout the day.


People that suffer from acne understand the importance of using a proper sunscreen that doesn´t harm the skin or cause any pain while being applied. If your skin is acne prone, applying the wrong sunscreen can block your pores and cause breakouts. Therefore, make sure to buy a sunscreen specially formulated not to clog pores.


When it comes to mature skin, it’s especially important to prevent UV rays from damaging collagen and elastin while helping repair existing damage. Sunscreen and antioxidants work together to neutralize free radicals and minimize skin cell damage. If you’re looking for a sunscreen that helps you fight against the natural anti-aging signs, simply buy a sunscreen that contains antioxidant ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin B3 and vitamin E.


Most sunscreens tend to be thick and white, which is not what you should look for if you have a dark skin because thick white sunscreens aren’t absorbed well and make dark skin look ashy. The ideal formula should be light, easy to apply and completely absorbed by the skin, so it’s invisible.


If you have combination skin, you’re probably dealing with certain areas of your face being oily (namely, your T-zone, or your forehead, nose, and chin) and certain parts being more on the dry side. When it comes to sunscreen, we recommend you to choose light products that help you protect the oily T-zone because it is not too heavy, but also smooth enough for the dry parts of the face.

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