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Change your daily routine in winter

Let’s be honest winter is not the best time for your skin, however here are some tips that you can take into consideration in order for you to have a healthy and beautiful skin:

1. Switch to a super gentle cleanser. Remember that cleansers can strip your skin of natural oils, dry it out, and over time, lead to more visible lines and wrinkles.

2. Use a humidifier to keep central heating from drying out your skin; the dryer the air, the more it steals moisture from your skin

3. Use a moisturizer under your daily sunscreen and immediately after your shower.

4. Your skin will probably need moisture more often. If you usually use a lotion, you may need to switch to a cream, look for moisturizers with a higher oil content, which will help to hold water in your skin and keep it better hydrated.

5. Exfoliate less frequently, it reduces the barrier layer of skin, and losing this layer allows more evaporation from your skin.

6. Use sunscreen, winter weather appears to be less sunny, but you the harmful UV rays are still out there.

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7. Try to limit your long, hot showers and baths to once or twice a week, and choose lukewarm the rest of the days.

8. Avoid sugars and carbohydrates during your daily life; they stimulate reactions in the skin that can lead to more acne breakouts.

9. Apply moisturizer in your hands regularly, and wear gloves to protect the skin from the harsh winter weather.

10. Keep your lips protected and nourished to avoid dry and flaky lips


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The weather has a direct effect on your skin, the cold and humidity can make your skin irritated and red at this time of year. So, this is the best time to make some changes in your daily beauty routine and prepare the skin before cold, harsh winter conditions.

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