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Say Merry Christmas to your skin

Christmas is always a party season. A time to catch up with friends and family who we don´t see frequently, so it is a motivation to look your best during this time. And Renew Esthetics is here to provide you with the best advice to look great:

1. Hydrate your body:

Hydration is key to get a natural healthy look. Before you have your morning coffee or tea, try drinking some warm water with lemon. It helps to hydrate the body, cleanse the liver and gives your body a great boost of vitamins.

2. Exfoliate your skin:

A good face scrub can clean deeply and get rid of dead skin cells. It can also refine the texture of the skin, bring your complexion to life and stimulate cellular regeneration. There are lots of exfoliating products on the market, so it’s important to know which one is right for your skin, ask your esthetician for more recommendations.

3. Moisturize everyday

It’s important to use a good face moisturizer day and night, this is a very important step in your daily skin care routine during winter because moisturizers work to retain the skin’s moisture on the surface of the skin and will provide you a soft, supple and glowing skin.

4. Eye Treatments

All those nights partying will leave, even young eyes, looking tired. To make sure you stay looking bright and alert over Christmas, use a specialized eye cream every night to get rid of puffy eyes. Use an eye cream (it can be one that contains Hyaluronic acid); beginning at the corner of one of your eyes rubbing the cream and slide up between your brow bone and your eye, until you reach the outer edge of your eye and repeat along your lower lash line.

5. Eat Fruits and Vegetables

What you eat directly affects your skin, that´s why we recommend you to keep a healthy diet even during Christmas time. As an important part of Christmas is eating delicious food, you can include to your daily meals fruits and veggies that bring benefits to your skin, here are a few examples:

  • Avocados help our hearts healthy; to keep lower cholesterol, and contain fibre and protein to keep us full. Avocados are one of the best anti-aging foods you can eat, they are known to contain fats but in fact, these are healthy fats. And also, avocados contain chlorophyll to reduce inflammation, water to hydrate and Vitamin E to prevent wrinkles. They are not only great to eat but also to use it for face masks.
  • Apples are a great to brighten, hydrate and keep the skin youthful. Also, apples are high in fiber and water content which is good for the heart. They also contain Vitamin C which rejuvenates the skin with its antioxidant effects.
  • Brussels sprouts are full of Vitamin C and A which are antioxidants. Antioxidants not only fight skin damage, but also help form collagen which is good for the skin.

Say Merry Christmas to your skin by providing it the best care during the holidays!

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