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Tips to take care your skin in fall

Sunny summer left, fresh and windy fall is here and it is the best time to take care your skin. Take advantage of the tips that Renew Esthetics brings to your body:

  • Analyze the changes in your skin after every season ends. You may change the products or routines to take care your skin according to what you need.
  • Use cream, shower gel or soap-free gels to keep your skin clean and fresh every day.
  • After you´ve dried off your skin, is important to hydrate and exfoliate your face and body on a daily basis, using natural lotions or well-known brand products
  • Use a moisturizer with sunscreen and apply it as much as needed during the day. It´s essential!
  • Boost your body, drink enough water and eat healthy. Depending on what you eat and drink, it will affect your skin positively or negatively.
  • For last, organize your skincare routine based on your needs and the days that best work for you, so you won´t forget any steps that will help you to take care of yourself.

If you want to see better results this season, we recommend you to take care your skin properly. You may won´t see results immediately because it is about being constancy and discipline to achieve your body goals. Renew Esthetics wants to help you during this process. Make your appointment now!

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