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Liquid Vs Powder Vs Spray Sunscreens

Sometimes it’s hard to choose what sunscreen to buy with so many options on the market. Gone are the days when an SPF8 cream was your only option, now you can set your makeup with an SPF powder, use a lotion or even a sun protection spray formula, and don´t let me start with the formulas, that´s a huge world of options… So what is the best one for you?

  1. Liquid sunscreens are easy to use, cheaper than others and you can assure that it covers your skin.
  2. Powder sunscreens are great to pop in your bag and easy to apply repeatedly; they also work perfectly in oily and sensitive skin.
  3. Spray is a great option for people in a hurry, and it tends to be more sheer than traditional options.

Whichever you use, make sure that it’s as effective as your old standby liquid formulas. The fact of the matter is that it’s more important to wear sunscreen in the first place than which formula is better, and to make sure you’re wearing it year round so you’re not over-exposed to the sun.

Therefore, what really matters is the applying method you use because making mistakes can vary the results of your sunscreen, no matter which formula you’re using:

In the case of traditional lotion sunscreens tend to be easier to ensure you’re covering your whole face or body.

If you like the spray sunscreen, you need to make sure that you´re applying it correctly because usually half of the spray ends up in the air rather than on the skin, so we recommend you applying it indoors so that it doesn’t get blown away in the wind. On the other hand, it can be good to reach hard areas.

Although powder sunscreens are easy to ensure coverage as traditional lotions, they can´t be used in the full body.

Also, try a formula with a little bronze pigment in it so you can see exactly where it’s going to make sure you have adequate coverage. As sunscreen should be an important part of your daily routine, layer sun protection on your face, re-application is the key to effectiveness.

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