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5 tips to help prevent cellulite

5 Tips to Help Prevent Cellulite Skin

Cellulite is a term that appeared in the early 19th century. French physicians described it as a female disease. After many years of research, physicians concluded that cellulite is not a disease. It’s a skin condition that affects most women, in which their skin appears dimpled. The severity of the condition varies among women.

Cellulite is believed to be linked to genetics and the anatomy of the female skin structure. A predisposition to cellulite is often passed down from mother to daughter. Additionally, cellulite appears to be more prominent in some ethnic groups. While it is seen in women from all ethnic backgrounds, researchers have observed it is more prevalent in white, European ethnicities.

If you have a genetic predisposition to cellulite, the severity may be compounded by the simple fact you are a woman. In women, the layer of subcutaneous fat directly below the skin contains cells positioned vertically. In males, this layer is positioned horizontally. If the connective tissue is weak, small amounts of subcutaneous fat may seep up into the surface layers of the skin.

As women become older, cellulite may become more noticeable. This may be the result of genetics, inasmuch as it is a product of the normal ageing process. As we get older, the connective tissue below the epidermis becomes less elastic. The decreased elasticity allows more subcutaneous fat to erupt through the skin tissues.

Cellulite affects most women and getting rid of it is no easy task. This type of problem can cause us insecurity when it comes to wearing any skirt, bikini or garment that exposes the areas affected by this problem. The formation of adipose nodules of fat in different parts of the body affects both overweight and thin women. Cellulite or ‘orange peel’ tends to accumulate especially on the hips, waist and legs. 

To eliminate it, it is necessary to practice exercise, eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. One of the cellulite treatment is Massages with some anti-cellulite cream help mobilize fat and make the nodules smaller.


5 tips to help prevent cellulite skin

1. Change Your Diet

You must eat healthy. Eat a variety of good foods: especially vegetables and fruits. Do your best to avoid too much salt, carbohydrates, and fatty foods. Make sure you are getting your daily recommended intake of fiber and protein.

2. Exercise

Exercise on a regular basis in order to prevent cellulite. A mixture of strength training and cardio exercise is best.

3. Stop Smoking

Smoking has been shown to cause cellulite, among many other horrible and deadly diseases and cancers. There is a lot of help out there to aid you in your path to quitting. Coffee, alcohol, and other toxins to the body can help to bring on cellulite. Avoid them or cut down.

4. Relax.

Use meditation, deep breathing, yoga, or some other form of relaxation that will help you feel relaxed on a daily basis. Doing these activities can help relax you even on the days when you skip the activity. Getting a professional massage can also help.

5. Be Healthy

Do your best at leading a healthy lifestyle and you can help prevent cellulite.

Remember that in addition to these tips, you can also get manual massages and aesthetic procedures to achieve faster results, such as radio frequency, treatments that work with heat, such as Velashape, body wrap, among others.

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