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Turn Your MediSpa Business Into a Mega Success

How Idalis Bailey, President of Renew Esthetics MediSpa Can Help You Turn Your MediSpa Business Into a Mega Success

Turn Your MediSpa Business Into a Mega Success

Astoria, NewYork – March 14, 2017 –

If you’re an esthetician and you’re bewildered by the financial success of other professionals in the MediSpa industry, you’re not alone. With the high demand of non-invasive skin rejuvenation, laser procedures and weight loss treatments, there are a multitude of individuals who have attained licenses and certifications to provide these services. Subsequently, this upsurge has made the MediSpa business a turbulent pool of fierce competition, making it especially difficult for you to create substantial margins of profit for yourself. And not only do you have pricing challenges, your ability to attract new customers has become an arduous task that you can’t quite master.

So, why are other medispa professionals able to scoop up tons of customers, when you’re constantly in fruitless pursuit of a few? And how do other estheticians manage to schedule appointments months in advance, when your appointment book is often full of vacancies? Why are other medispa professionals able to charge much higher prices, while you have to periodically slash your prices just to compete and make ends meet? Your quality of services is equivalent to theirs. So, what’s their secret? Successful estheticians understand that the most valuable resource they have is themselves!

If you begin to reconstruct your business, so that it develops into a system that accommodates you first, you will be able to fill your appointment book up to capacity. And your ability to serve clients will significantly improve, because you’ll have a healthier business that makes you financially healthy. Your clients and you will both have winning results.

Because so many people encounter some of the same obstacles, I, Idalis Bailey, president of Renew Esthetics MediSPA, is hosting a Free Webinar for estheticians to help you recognize your own worth and profit exponentially without overloading yourself.

I’ve spent 12 years actively building a successful MediSpa business that focuses on laser, radio frequency, skin rejuvenation, master body treatments such as VelaShape III and all around beauty services. Along with a nursing degree and MBA in marketing, I have become an authority on marketing and self branding, which is essential to growing a profitable business.

By signing up for the free webinar, I will show you a proven and profitable system that will help you to cultivate your brand, so your clients will be happy to pay full price for guaranteed quality service.

So, if you already have your own Medispa business or are considering becoming an esthetician, join me for this free webinar and start making money in an easier more efficient capacity.

Click the link and join me for this free webinar to find out how you can accomplish financial independence, while helping your clients achieve a better version of themselves.

I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

P.S. If you aren’t able to make it live, still sign up. A limited replay will be available

About author:

Idalis Bailey

Registered Nurse
NYS Licensed Medical Esthetician
Certified Laser Technician.

Founder/President of Renew Esthetics Medi-SPA boutique localized in the heart of Astoria New York. For over 12 years, she has been actively involved in Spa, Med-SPA, Laser, Radio Frequency, skin rejuvenation, Master body treatments as VelaShape III


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