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Vicki Lagoudis – Wellness Vitality

Vicki Lagoudis - Medicine Woman

Vicki Lagoudis

Wellness Vitality

As a toddler, my Mom would dress me up, put pigtails in my hair and sit me on the lawn. I would stay there for hours watching the birds, the trees, the butterflies, the people and how it all worked together. She still jokes about me being the lawn ornament. As I got older, we moved from a house to an apartment on a main street in a small but wealthy town. While all the other kids were playing, I chose to sit on the front stoop and watch people walk by, listening to their conversations, how they acted and dressed, and seeing what made them tick. I loved seeing how people interacted with one another, and tried to understand how humans worked. I didn’t get why people couldn’t just be themselves. Impressing others seemed to be more important than happiness.

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