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FAQ´S Slimming Body Wrap Treatment

FAQ´s Slimming Body Wrap

1. With the body wraps am I just losing water weight?

No. Our infrared body wraps penetrate deep into your tissues, releasing toxins and increasing blood flow to areas deep below the skin. This increase in blood flow helps burn calories and fat, which gets released into the blood stream and out of the body through normal bodily functions.

2. How often should I come to do the infrared body wraps if I want to lose weight?

We recommend that you come once every other day for the first two weeks. Based on your results after two weeks, we can adjust your schedule accordingly. You cannot go more than once every other day as your body needs a day to recover and replenish fluids.

3. What do I need to wear for my body wrap session?

Wear comfortable, thin cotton clothing (sweats, t-shirt) and preferrably a 3/4 length sleeve shirt. The infrared silcone pads are wrapped right over your clothes, so you don’t need to get naked! But be sure to bring a change of clothes for after your session.

4. Do you use any gels or creams for the body wrap?

No, but we do have a special gel that you can apply to skin prior to the session yourself (optional) to help moisturize the skin.

5. Is it important to drink water prior to my session?

Yes. You should be well hydrated prior to your session and drink at least 10-12 glasses of water during the 24 hours before your body wrap. Continue to drink water during and after your session, this will help remove toxins from your body and replenish fluids lost during the session.