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FAQ´s Chemical Peels

Peels do not require any type of anesthesia.
You should not expose to the sun 15 days before treatment or 15 days after treatment and use sunscreen.
It is necessary to use sunscreen after treatment.
Autumn and winter are the best time to get peeling.
They can arrive from adolescence taking into consideration how deep you want to reach with the peeling.
It is suitable for almost all people; however, the most common cases to treat are to correct wrinkles, acne, sagging and spots.
The peeling prices vary according to the peeling level you need. Therefore, I invite you to a free initial consultation to evaluate your skin and determine your skin type, conditions and needs in order to provide you with personalized services! At that consultation we will explain to you everything about the treatment, prices and financing options. If you like what we offer you have the option to start your treatment on the same day! In case you don't, we don't charge the consultation anyway.
A chemical peel involves applying one or more chemical solutions. There are different peeling types according to your needs; it may be superficial, medium-depth, or deep. It causes the skin to peel off and even blister, underneath the peeled-away skin is a new and smoother skin layer.
The peeling treatment is specialized in removing acne scars, sunburns, dark spots and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
The amount of peels needed varies according to your needs.
The session length depends on the peeling level; it can take from 15min to 30min approximately.
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