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New Year, New Body: Velashape III Benefits

New Year, New Body, that´s right! It´s probably listed in your new year´s resolution goals, isn´t it? Well, if you are reading this is because you are at least interested on it. But, how do you actually get to have your dreamed body? More than a long-term plan, it is a daily challenge that takes determination, self-control and focusing. Renew Esthetics MediSPA wants to help you to achieve your goals with non-invasive treatments that contour your body.

Velashape III is a non-surgical treatment that uses infrared and radiofrequency waves that target fat cells under the skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite and contour the body without harming the surrounding tissues. It just takes 3 to 6 sessions to notice reduction in circumference, cellulite and amazing skin surface in the treated areas.

Velashape is great option for three main reasons:

1). It is a fat reduction treatment that can be used anywhere on the body to improve body contouring

2). Improve the skin tone and reduce cellulite. Velashape III gently heats the skin and tissue to stimulate collagen production.

3). It is non-invasive treatment which means that you can return to your daily activities just right after the procedure is done.

Velashape III is great option to complement your exercise and diet or maybe enhance results from previous body contouring procedures. We truly believe that determination, self-control, focusing and professional help you will be able to achieve your body goals this year.

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