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Myths busted: Facts about hair reduction

MYTH #1: Laser Hair Reduction works on gray, white and blonde hairs.
Busted: The laser is attracted to the color in the hair, so it is not attracted to these hair types. There are many different levels of these colors, so call us or come in for a free consult to see if it will work for you.

MYTH #2: Expensive Creams Can Darken the Hair at the Root Level.
Busted: NOT TRUE. You can’t change the root color of your hair so the laser is attracted to it.

MYTH #3: One Treatment Does the Job
Busted: Of course not. Your hair grows in many phases. The amount of treatments will vary depending on many factors, but one treatment is never enough.

MYTH #4: Intense Pulse Light works well and is good to use on all skin types.
Busted: Not True. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is only good for light skin types.

MYTH #5: It is SUPER painful.
Busted: Lasers have come a long way since their first invention and approval by the FDA. It is a lot less painful than it once was. It feels similar to having a rubber band snapped. Certain areas will be more painful than others. Some areas will have almost no pain. And the great news is a lot less pain than constantly waxing!

MYTH #6: There is Messy Gel Everywhere.
Busted: Gel isn’t always used for laser hair reduction.

MYTH #7: My Hair will never grow again!
Busted: It could start to grow again. Depending on your age, you can continue to have the hair growth cycle start over again. For some people they will have to repeat the laser hair reduction process later on in life.

MYTH #8: All Lasers are the same.
Busted: No they are not. Lasers are very different. The type of laser used and settings available can have a huge affect on the comfort level of the treatment and on the overall effectiveness.

MYTH #9: Lasers penetrate the skin and affect your internal organs.
Busted: Lasers used for hair reduction only penetrate deep enough to affect your hair follicles; they cannot and do not affect your internal organs.

MYTH #10: Laser hair reduction cannot be performed on people with darker skins.
Busted: Laser can be used successfully on people with darker toned skin, such as Asians, Africans, Hispanics and people of Micronesian descent. Thousands of patients with darker skin tones are treated daily and safely.

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