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Most common areas for Laser Hair Reduction

Laser treatment has recently become a popular method of hair reduction from the face and other body parts.

Its efficacy and long lasting results has made it a recognized choice in the aesthetic industry. Its success story has grown tremendously in the last two decades.

The following are the most common areas for laser hair reduction treatments:


Facial hair reduction with laser treatment is popular with men and women. Women who have hair above their upper lips or chin or on the sides of their faces prefer this method for easier and quicker relief. Facial hair reduction sessions may take less than an hour. Men often go for this method either because they suffer from razor burns or would rather do away with shaving daily. Some men also need to remove the hair in the ears and find it safer and quicker to do so through laser.


Chest hair is not a favorite with many men and those who have hair on their chest and wish to be hairless go for the laser treatment. The past method of waxing causes insufferable pain and scars on the chest; but laser treatment has been able to give smooth relief to men with chest hair.


Leg hair is another common area on women. When using other hair reduction methods, patients tend to suffer from folliculitis in their legs and hair tends to grow back fast. Some women prefer hair reduction on their legs from the ankle to just above the knee; whereas, other women go for the whole leg treatment which extends from the ankle to the hip bone, depending on your preference, the session may take from thirty minutes to an hour and have a longer lasting effect compared to waxing. Women who have hair growth on their legs find this method swifter and smarter and cost effective compared to traditional waxing.


Underarm hair is common in men and women and cause perspiration and bad odor. Besides, women shy from wearing smart sleeveless clothes in summer due to this hairy growth in their underarms. Laser treatment reduces the hair from the underarms in less than 30 minutes and the results last longer than other procedures. Laser treatment can reduce the unwanted hair from under the arms.


Bikini and Brazilian hair are the other common areas for laser reduction of hair treatment. Swimsuits and bikinis compliment a woman’s figure but do little to hide the pubic hair from peeping out. Some women find it okay to treat the area as per the bikini outline; whereas others prefer to clean the whole pubic area. This sort of treatment is known as the Brazilian treatment and is much safer than using a razor in this delicate part. It is a smooth treatment and does not take too much time, unless the hair is coarse which can be a little painful and need extra time.

Hair is unwanted anywhere except on the crow, where it should be in abundance. Hair elsewhere causes itchiness, sweat, and foul-smell and can even harbor germs and parasites unnoticed.

Shaving and waxing were the only options for hair reduction till laser treatment became known. Now, people are aware that laser hair reduction treatment is safe, quick, cost-effective and highly efficient.

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