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Is Laser Hair reduction safe for ethnic skin?

Long lasting laser hair reduction is an excellent procedure that can be very safe and effective.

For patients who suffer from excessive/dark facial and body hair or frequent ingrown hairs, laser hair reduction can dramatically improve self-esteem and the quality of their lives.

There are many lasers that claim to permanently reduce hair. There are also many practitioners who perform these procedures. The overall results are highly dependent on selecting the correct laser and practitioner. Renew Esthetics MediSpa strongly believes that laser settings should be customized to each patient. There is not a “one size fits all” approach to laser treatment. In fact, this type of thinking can be very dangerous to patients.

Who is a good candidate?

Appropriate expectations. While you can expect to see improvement after the first treatment, multiple treatments are usually required to achieve desired results.

Dark hair. The laser targets pigment. The darker the hair, the more focused the energy, the better the result.

All skin types and ethnicities (as long as the hair is darker than the skin color)

How is the procedure performed?

Long lasting laser hair reduction is an in-office procedure. Numbing creams are frequently used to dull the discomfort associated with the procedure. The length of time needed for the procedure depends on the area being treated.

What is the recovery?

There is minimal downtime associated with long lasting laser hair reduction. Treatment-site redness usually resolves in less than an hour. Skin may be sensitive for a few days (particularly on the legs). Subsequent treatments are planned in 4 to 6 week intervals.

Ethnic Long lasting Laser Hair Reduction

In patients with darker skin types, long lasting laser hair reduction can still be performed safely and effectively. Because darker skin is more prone to burns and hyperpigmentation, it is critical that the appropriate laser and settings are used.

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