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Importance of keeping yourself active in winter

During cold months is easy to gain weight and hard to lose pounds. People get used to be at home most of the time and pretty comfort to food which make so easy to become yourself into a hibernating bear. Once winter is gone, you start feeling disappointed because of winter weight gained.

In order to avoid this from happening, you should keep active by doing exercise at least 1 hour per day. A daily workout helps you to feel good and de-stresses brain chemicals, gives you a break from the daily routine and avoids the usual winter blues or even a SAD (seasonal affective disorder). In fact, daily exercise provides people with a healthy mental, body and skin.

Just like a skincare routine, we recommend you to set a daily workout that includes warm-ups, a workout routine that fits into your needs, cool-down and using clothes according to the weather. If is possible, go to a gym for professional help, in case you can´t afford it, set an exercise routine at home. However, we advise to combine exercise in and outdoors which is a good way to cheer yourself up.

On the other hand, In winter Renew Esthetics offers a transformational wellness retreat that helps you to learn about holistic nutrition and transformational healing packages, provides with vegetarian cooking classes, healing circles, awareness classes, women’s empowerment classes, conscious parenting classes, you also learn to love yourself and your body and get ready for a recharge to an energetic, joy driven life.

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