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Importance of eating antioxidant fruits

A smart way to care your body is by eating antioxidant foods. When we talk about antioxidants, it doesn´t mean that food is antioxidant itself, it actually refers to the components that food has. The antioxidant molecules keep material alive by preventing the oxidation process that other molecules suffer of. The presence of antioxidant molecules is strongest in some foods; most of fruits are rich in antioxidants, therefore, we recommend you to have an antioxidant base diet that will provide you with numerous benefits to your skin.

Some of the benefits that antioxidants bring to your skin are: Anti-inflammatory, it increases circulation and cell metabolism that help to reduce inflammation. Skin firming, it helps reversing the age effects by rejuvenating and improving the skin texture. Reduce wrinkles, it is able to fill the skin up to reduce lines and wrinkles. Scar treatment, it reduces the scar appearance by increasing the blood flow to scar tissue. Reducing sun damages, antioxidants stimulate new cell growth to regenerate the skin and reduce sunburns.

Renew Esthetics recommends you to add fruits that contain antioxidant components to your daily routine eating. Remember it is a natural resource, so it is not only great for your diet, but also to renew, revitalize and regenerate your skin.

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