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Fall Season: The best time to take care your skin

After summer, our skin feels dry, irritated and because too much sun exposure

Some blotches can appear on your face or body. That´s why is so important to take advantage of the next season to exfoliate, hydrate, cure and take care of your skin.

Because we think on your needs, at Renew Esthetics MediSPA, we welcome the fall season with new surprises to our spoiled customers. For this all season, we´re offering great discounts every week for some of your favorite treatments. These procedures are the most appropriate to apply to your skin to reduce wrinkles, blotches and skin texture.

Everything you´ve been waiting for has arrived, every HOT-FRIDAY of this fall season, we will launch especial surprises, presents and the most amazing discounts on treatments such as chemical peeling, laser skin tightening and laser hair reduction, you need to pay attention to posts on our social media networks (See our social media below and follow us) because the promotion will only last 3 hours)

Rush Hours (From 3 pm to 6 pm).

In addition, as we´re looking forward to see you taking advantage of these fall season offers, we´re also including flexible financial plans that fit into all of our present and future client´s budget, so you won´t miss this great opportunity. It´s very important for you to know how we’re able to help you this season if your skin suffered on summer.

Chemical peelingis the best option if you need to improve the smooth and texture of the skin, laser skin tightening is a procedure that helps to reduce the appearance of your skin, such as wrinkles, age spots, skin tone or texture, sun-damaged skin and scars and Laser hair reduction is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light, it pulses a light that destroys the hair follicle, to remove unwanted hair.

From September 22th to December 21th, we have great news for our customers, besides new discounts on treatments and special gifts to you. We’re partnered with CareCredit to provide you with a free Fitbit fitness wristband that will help you to count how many calories you lose per day.

You just need to open a new CareCredit financial plan with us and make a purchase of $200 or more, you will enjoy of this Fitbit fitness product. So, what are you waiting to come to Renew Esthetic MediSPA? let’s welcome the fall season with a skin smooth, rejuvenated, hydrated and say good bye to unwanted hair.

We´re committed to provide you with the best services to cover all your needs and make you feel as great as you wish.

Don´t miss this only opportunity and pay attention to our HOT-FRIDAYS!

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