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Importance of getting professional Treatments

Professional treatments provide with the deeper care that home skincare routines don´t offer. For instance, professional treatments offer controlled exfoliation that allows the esthetician to treat deeper levels of the skin or the use of approved laser treatments that help to shed the outer layers of skin in order to stimulate new fresh cells regeneration. …

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Tips to take care of your skin type in winter

To provide proper care to our skin is important to know yourself, determine the skin type, how it changes every season as weather affects the skin noticeably. Therefore, the beauty routine for skin care should change every season to look spectacular no matter what season it is. In winter you need to take care of …

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Creditcare: Flexible Financing options for treatments

We are aware that some people don’t have access to desired skincare treatments because most of insurances don’t provide with wellness or beauty care credit coverage. Therefore, we decided to get partner with CareCredit that helps families to get the care they want. CareCredit provides flexible financing options for treatments and procedures that typically are …

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