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Laser Hair Reduction vs Waxing

Hair reduction is a major concern for many men and women. There are many permanent and non-permanent methods that can help you get rid of …

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Skincare tips for Summer

Skincare Tips for Summer   Summer is a tough time for your skin if it is not care appropriately. While it is an amazing time …

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Best Smoothies for your skin

Best Smoothies for your skin The food you put in your body is just as vital as the toners and moisturizers that you apply on …

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Aromatherapy, the best option in Spring

Aromatherapy or Aromatouch is a simple but effective technique to provide each individual with a positive experience with essential oils. It is a recognized holistic …

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Benefits of Rose Water

Rose water has become very popular in the skin care market and makeup world because it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and refreshing properties that benefit …

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Importance of getting professional Treatments

MediSpa professional Treatments provide with the deeper care that home skincare routines don´t offer. For instance, professional treatments offer controlled exfoliation that allows the esthetician …

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Main Benefits of Velashape III

Benefits of Velashape 3 If you are reading this is because you are at least interested on it. But, how do you actually get to …

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Patients feedback

  MediSpa Reviews in Queens NY Renew Esthetics has more than 15 years of experience providing custom skincare services using certified and FDA approved technology …

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Benefits of Body Wraps

Body wrap is a spa treatment that helps you to lose weight by removing dead cells from your skin. Benefits of Body Wraps It begins …

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