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The power of Alkaline Water

The Best alkaline water filter

Real alkaline water benefits

• Cleaner water, better taste
• Natural filtration, no added chemicals
• Optimal results for skin care
• More practical than expensive bottled water
• Unique PiMag discovery, only from NikkenWe take water for granted. It’s a basic commodity, supplied toevery home. But many of us find our tap water less than ideal.

The PiMag ® Waterfall featuresseveral stages of filtration. Waterentering the system first passesthrough a prefilter that reducesparticulates.
The PiMag ® Waterfall featuresseveral stages of filtration. Waterentering the system first passesthrough a prefilter that reducesparticulates.

You can enjoy clean, filtered and enhanced drinking water for a fraction of what bottled water costs. And you’ll be saving more than money — at the same time you’re helping to protect the environm

The PiMag Waterfall® is certified to meet contaminant-reduction specifications of ANSI/NSF Standards 42 and 53 in reducing compounds including aesthetic chlorine, chloramine, mercury and volatile organic compounds. This level of performance is superior to filtration in other water systems that cost ten times the price, require electrical power and produce wastewater. The PiMag Waterfall adjusts water pH to help balance against a typical modern diet and lifestyle that can lead to excess acidity. Ionizing technology saturates water with electron-rich ions to neutralize free radicals, while pi ceramics and Nikken magnetic technology complete the process. And as alternative to commercially bottled water, the PiMag Waterfall helps reduce the number of discarded, disposable bottles that become trash in landfills.


A natural wonder, re-created

Near a small town in Japan is an area with unusualtopographical features. The surrounding hills contain magnetiteand calcium. A small stream flows over silicates, the materialthat forms natural crystal. The water in this stream, scientistsdiscovered, had amazing results on the surrounding plants.They named this substance pi water. Then they set out toduplicate these conditions in the laboratory. First, a multiple filtration system was devised. Technicianssuccessfully adapted filtertechnology to reduce contaminantsthe same way that nature does— without adding chlorine orother chemicals to water.

Next, they added materials that supply the same mineralspresent in the region where pi water was first identified.Finally, magnetic technology completes the process. Amagnetic field assists in reducing mineral buildup. This helpscondition water without adding salt or other chemicals. It’s anintelligent alternative to complicated and expensive water-softening devices

And that’s not only because of how it tastes. Public concern is risingon the subject of what municipal water supplies may contain.*There is an alternative to expensive bottled water or ordinarytap water. It tastes better. It is filtered to reduce pollutants. And itoffers something more.It is PiMag water. Discover for yourself the difference it makes

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